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From state-of-the-art, web-enabled predictive dialing to third-party verification, CCDS prides itself in providing the industry's most advanced call center management solutions.
Outbound Predictive Dialing

Definition: The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers and connects a live agent with the call once a live voice is detected. The agent no longer has to deal with out-of-service numbers, busy signals or unanswered calls.

Benefits: Predictive dialing maximizes the agents' productivity, since their time is spent only on active, live phone calls. Studies have shown that this strategy increases talktime productivity by almost 200%.

Potential Uses: Anytime you want to optimize your staff's time. Predictive dialers are typically used for customer service, fund-raising, market research and collections.

Outbound Messaging with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Definition: The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers and delivers a pre-recorded message. The type of message depends on whether the dialer detects a live voice or recorded message. Messages to a live caller can provide menu options that direct the caller to reply using the touch-tone keypad. The caller's response can generate further menu options. With this technology, complex surveys can be presented and captured with ease.

Benefits: With IVR, manual surveying can be completely automated, reducing the number of personnel required to run the campaign. The Auto Dialer is ideal for situations in which you need to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time.

Potential Uses: Client notification from professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.); retail client notification (e.g., sales event announcements or merchandise pick-up/delivery); public announcements (e.g., political, governmental, educational, etc.); surveys and polling.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Definition: The dialer distributes incoming calls to specific groups of terminals where agents are located. Pre-recorded messages and menus are used to determine the nature of the call. The caller's touch-tone response and the system's programmed logic determines where the call should be routed.

Benefits: This strategy allows the call to be routed to the appropriate department without requiring any human interaction.

Potential Uses: To direct inbound calls to multiple departments (for example, Customer Service and Technical Support).

Call Blending

Definition: Call blending refers to having both inbound and outbound dialing capabilities. Centcom enables call blending while optimizing the use of your phone lines.

Benefits: The benefits of blending are obvious - your campaigns are no longer one way, giving you more flexibility and allowing you to provide better service to your customers.

Potential Uses: Any campaign where customers can call back to speak with an agent. Examples include banking and insurance.

About Us
Since its inception in 2001, Call Center Development Services (CCDS) has provided integrated call center solutions to over 280 firms.

CCDS prides itself in its ability to develop customized call center management suites, tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding contact centers. Harnessing the raw power of a predictive dialer, these systems are highly reliable, fully scalable and come with outstanding technical support and training.

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