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From state-of-the-art, web-enabled predictive dialing to third-party verification, CCDS prides itself in providing the industry's most advanced call center management solutions.
Features of the Centcom Predictive Dialer Software

The Centcom predictive dialer software supports a number of advanced dialing functions, including:

  • Multiple Outbound Campaign Types including Predictive, Non-Predictive and Preview Dialing
  • Outbound Messaging with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Blended Voice Messaging
  • Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously
  • Call Queuing for Dropped/Abandoned Calls
  • Automatic Message Delivery on Answering Machine Detection
  • File Blending for Outbound Lists
  • Campaign Scheduler
  • Campaign-Specific “Quota” Setting
  • Message Broadcasting with “Live Transfer” option
  • Campaign “Roll Over” based on Call Results

For a more detailed description of these features, see Predictive Dialing Features.
Agent & Supervisor Suites

The Centcom predictive dialer has user-programmable agent & supervisor suites that enable agents and supervisors to manage their calls more effectively. The Centcom Agent & Supervisor suites include:

  • Agent – Supervisor Chat Messaging
  • Agent Private/Public Scheduled Call Backs
  • Agent Call Notes
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Transfer to Agent
  • Call Transfer to Alternate Campaign
  • Warm & Blind Transfer Capabilities to external numbers
  • Agent Initiated Call Recording
  • Automatic Continuous Call Recording
  • Supervisor – Agent Monitoring & Coaching
  • Supervisor initiated Campaign Reassignment

For a more detailed description of these features, see Agent & Supervisor Suites.
Administration Suite

The Centcom predictive dialer administration suite enables managers to create and manage their calling campaigns, agents, call lists, call backs and more. Functions include:

  • Campaign / Call List Creation & Management
  • Agents, Teams & Skills Management
  • Team / Individual Quotas and Goals Setting
  • Management of Call States/Provinces
  • Management of Scheduled Call Backs (Create & Modify)
  • Call Record Search & Modify Capability
  • Account Usage & Billing Management
Queries & Reports

Queries, filters and reports enable managers and supervisors to search, track, view and compare every aspect of their campaigns and teams.

Reports and queries are fully customizable, so managers can create their own reports with information they want to see. The types of queries and reports include:

  • Search / Filter Recordings by Campaign, Agent, Name, Phone #
  • Campaign Activity, Campaign Disposition & Campaign Performance Reporting
  • Campaign Penetration Reporting
  • Agent Activity, Agent Dispostion & Agent Performance Reporting
Training & Support

Centcom comes with:

  • 24/7 live support from a dedicated team of service professionals
  • Comprehensive training to help you get started immediately

We also provide development services that enable you to build your own customized reports, scripts and queries.
About Us
Since its inception in 2001, Call Center Development Services (CCDS) has provided integrated call center solutions to over 280 firms.

CCDS prides itself in its ability to develop customized call center management suites, tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding contact centers. Harnessing the raw power of a predictive dialer, these systems are highly reliable, fully scalable and come with outstanding technical support and training.

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