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Modules - Web Based Interfaces

3 Easy to Use Interfaces to Optimize Your Contact Center

1. Agent - Interface


A fully customizable web based agent workspace with a multimedia CTI bar and the ability to integrate to a third-party CRM or build your own web scripter without developer module.

2. Manager - Interface


A single sign-on web based interface with a direct access to the campaign administrator, supervisor and reporting module.

Administrator: A complete interface to create and manage all your Campaigns. Medias, Channels and Human Resources.
Reporting: 80+ out of the box reports categorized by Transactions, Services, Campaigns and Agents. All reports include selection criteria that provides endless possibilities. In addition to it the user can create their own reports to meet specific requirements.
Supervisor: Dynamic and personalized dashboard, real time voice and data monitoring, customized alerts, interactive view and the ability to QA and manage your record list are some the features available in our Supervisor interface.

3. Developer - Interface


Our own editor to build and manage Agent Scripts, third party agent desktop integrations and IVRs. You can get your scripts and call flows up and running within minutes with our simple drag-and-drop interface that built in media features and actions. Or you can opt for a more in depth development utilizing the tools available in a .NET environment.