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PossibleNow MembershipPossibleNow Membership
CCDS is pleased to announce its partnership with PossibleNOW, provider of DNCSolution for compliance with US & Canadian Do Not Call laws.
DMA MembershipDMA Membership
CCDS is a listed vendor with the Direct Marketing Association.

The Direct Marketing Association is the leading trade association for organizations that use direct marketing tools and techniques.

New Centcom PortalNew Centcom Portal
CCDS is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved Centcom portal.

With new features and improved searching, reporting and playback capabilities, this portal is a better way to interact with the Centcom dialer service.

What's more, it's available to all Centcom clients at no extra cost!

CCDS in New ZealandCCDS in New Zealand
A New Zealand-based call center chooses Centcom to manage its calling campaigns.

For more information check out the Case Study.

Centcom at Work: MGL Computers


November 11, 2005

Montreal-based businessman Wesley Mendel intended to purchase a predictive dialer for his call center. When he had done his research, the best deal he could find meant an outlay of $50,000 in software, another $15,000 in computer hardware, 20 new phone lines, tripled long distance costs, and the need to hire a day and a night shift computer technician. He was also faced with a month-long wait for the system to be up and running.

His research led him to CCDS, a predictive dialer supplier. After 15 minutes on the phone with one of their agents, he realized that there was a better solution, Centcom. CCDS' Centcom predictive dialer service provided all the functionality he was seeking, without the high investments.

Within an hour of his call, for information on predictive dialers,we had him running a predictive dialer out of his office. There were none of the previously mentioned expenses,including the expense of a computer technician;since Centcom is a fully managed service, there was no need to hire one.

Not only does CCDS provide the easiest dialer to setup and use, but they also provide the fastest dialer I have ever seen. My agents don’t wait more than five seconds between calls, and my reps always hear the customer pick up the phone and say the full ‘Hello’.

Instead of his lead costs doubling or tripling, this client’s lead costs have actually decreased since his company operated in a manual environment. Moreover, Centcom has increased his productivity by over 300%, and greatly improved his company’s overall efficiency.


About Us
Since its inception in 2001, Call Center Development Services (CCDS) has provided integrated call center solutions to over 280 firms.

CCDS prides itself in its ability to develop customized call center management suites, tailored to meet the needs of the most demanding contact centers. Harnessing the raw power of a predictive dialer, these systems are highly reliable, fully scalable and come with outstanding technical support and training.

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